Jakele J1 - Repetierbüchse

Jakele J1 Lady

Jakele J1 Lady Schaft
  • Special stock for the delicate hand
  • Stock length 350 mm (340 mm, 330 mm optional)
  • Short pistol grip
  • Available in all stock wood classes
  • The J1 Lady is available in a weapon overall length from 85 cm

Quite large for the smaller stature

Rarely does a person fit the norm. Very rarely does a normal rifle fit a female hunter. The solution could now lie in a simple stock shortening - is that enough? Woman could also come up with a complete custom-made - can she?

The J1 Lady anticipates the basic requirements for a lady's gun and leaves room for individual demands. It is no secret that size and weight and stock should be adjusted together for a small or narrow anatomy. The result of the J1 is a comfortable and safe stop. When it comes to weight, there is also the fact that fewer grams are not paid for with more recoil (when using silencers). Finally, with the J1, the system is already "petite" - but not in the sense of playful or powerless, but because freed from unnecessary ballast.

The three-round magazine, the round-body system case: this is precise reduction. Stock shortenings up to 330 mm fit shorter arm lengths, and the short pistol grip is geared to small hand sizes and arm angles. At only about 2.6 kg, the J1 is nice and light out of the box and doesn't have to worry about weight with the precious wood stock.

With its compressed pistol grip and pleasing cheek piece milling, the Lady stock demonstrates the highest ergonomics while retaining its solid elegance. The proportions are right even with mounted scopes, adapter mounts or silencers. Men who have not wasted their energy on length growth will also benefit from the J1 Lady. The J1 Lady is not a "ladies' saddle", it fits just as well in the hands of a male hunter as in those of a female hunter, provided they are of short stature. The name will not irritate, the J1 is a lady after all: the repeater from the house Jakele.

J1 Lady

Quite large for the smaller stature.

Short pistol grip Special stock for the delicate hand


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