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Revolutionäre Sicherheit
Jakele J1 Alpin Bavaria
brilliantly safe
feather-light cocking
extremely easy to handle
intuitive, silent handling
from 2.5 kg total weight
total length from 85 cm
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J1 Alpin Bavaria
Wooden stock in traditional design with Bavarian cheek piece
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Jakele J1 Spirit
The noble versions
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NEW: 3D Configurator
Your weapon - according to your needs
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Messe Jagd und Schützentage - Schloss Grünau

Jagd- und Schützentage

October 11 to 13, 2024
Schloss Grünau


Jagen und Fischen

January 17 to 19, 2025


Jagd und Hund

January 28 to February 2, 2025


Hohe Jagd und Fischerei

February 20 to 23, 2025

Jakele J1 - She is here.
The revolution in weapons technique

Absolute safety. Intuitive handling and design to perfection.

The dream of a hunting rifle - now a reality from Jakele.

J1 Alpin - Jakele J1 Repetierer

Manual cocking through cocking lever

Safety off, shoot, safety on - the eternal triad. This command is always with you, occupies the back of the head, demands constant review. Demanded! That is past. Because the Jakele J1 secures itself. Always. Automatically.

The J1 is only cocked immediately before firing. Thanks to a new, revolutionary cocking lever directly on the trigger, the safety is only released by pulling the cocking lever when the rifle is consciously cocked immediately before the shot is fired. As soon as the shot is fired, the cocking lever automatically slides back into its decocked position and the weapon is immediately automatically decocked again and completely safe.

The J1 concentrates tension only where it is needed: for the shot. The Jakele Relax system is nothing less than revolutionized safety. For a clear head, for a safe and relaxed hunt.

Flowing movements - intuitive handling

Shifting up a gear, turning a corner on the bike, playing a chord on the piano - these are all intuitive movements. They succeed without effort and go smoothly if the tools are right.

The Jakele J1 creates from a few individual parts an ergonomic rifle of the highest intuitive handling. Low weight, simple assembly and quick change of the relevant components ensure instinctive handling. Thought-out in every detail, reduced to the essentials, the J1 is what it should be: A hunting rifle, perfectly to handle.

Technical features:

  • Straight pull of the bolt handle
  • Extremely low weight to cock the rifle
  • Switchable fine trigger
  • Interchangeable bolt handle knob
  • Sling swivel full ring on the barrel
  • Synthetic stock for left- and right-handed use without surcharge
  • Left-handed bolt-assembly without surcharge
  • Replaceable fore-end tip
  • Top characteristics on trigger
  • Stock can be easily and quickly changed

Know-how meets design

A great trophy is recognized at first sight. True beauty works. Without detour, but not without reason. With the ibex, one knows criteria such as length, horn color, etc.. With the Jakele J1, elegant lines, compact but slender forms and selected surface structures are convincing.

For example, the novel buttstock attachment allows for a hand-flattering grip without sacrificing warp resistance. And the internal cocking device gives the J1 its unmistakable silhouette.

Bavarian Diamond Coating and Bavarian Precision Mount seal and finish in equal measure. Quality woods speak for themselves, but the J1 also looks good in synthetic. This is reminiscent of old leather in appearance and texture and is available in brown or British Racing Green. The overall lines make the J1 a timeless beauty in any version.

Simple interchangeable systems, easy assembly, one tool

How many tools do you need in the house? Even with two left hands and in the minimal version, you won't be able to get around a hammer, pliers and screwdriver - and they are never where you need them. The Jakele J1 also requires a tool to change the stock set. Exactly one! In numbers: 1.

The J1 key is integrated in the forearm, it alone is required to disassemble the entire gun into a few individual parts and to change the stock set easily in a few simple steps. The barrel and bolt can also be switched, of course, depending on the caliber desired. Few parts, hardly any effort, one tool and many possibilities - the J1 does more with less.

Durability guaranteed

It may cost a little more if it lasts forever. At Jakele, this sentence is not about thrift, it is about sustainability out of conviction. And what is sustainable is what retains its quality over time.

The basis for this is threefold: considered material selection for each individual component, many years of design experience and the courage to make innovations simple.

Distortion-free fore-end inlay, self-centering four-lug locking, three-dimensional barrel seating, extreme temperature tolerance, and completely hand-geared are just a few of the many guarantees of long-lasting precision.

The J1 is a quality weapon that, with good care, will last you for generations. The materials used ensure extreme durability. All components are manufactured and assembled in Bavaria and Germany.

Technical features:

  • BDC coating (Bavarian Diamond Coating) of the barrel
  • Three-dimensional barrel bedding ensures point of impact despite oil
  • Distortion-free inlay of the forend
  • Bolt lock with self-centered four-lug locking mechanism and extra large locking surfaces
  • Extended receiver bundles the entire motion sequence in one component
  • High quality hammered rifle barrel with hammer-forged cartridge chamber
  • Barrel length selectable
  • Spring loaded barrel fixing nuts
  • Scope mount attachment via control cam
  • Very low scope mount possible
  • Stable mounting of heavy optical device possible
  • Interior bolt-head catch
  • Integrated key in the forend inlay
  • Barrel and bolt-assembly are a matched pair, proofed together by proof house
  • Sling swivels Full ring on the barrel for best balanced carrying comfort

The three-shot philosophy

Hunting is not always a profession, but always a vocation. Man as part of creation bears a great responsibility in dealing with hunting. This includes a respectful attitude towards nature and game.

In the Jakele J1, this basic attitude is reflected in the three-shot philosophy. This maxim stands for responsible hunting from the cycle of creation.

Three shots are not one too many. Hardly any hunting situation requires more.
The magazine of the J1 - two rounds plus a cartridge in the chamber - does not simply transport ammunition. It shows the hunters attitude, it proves that a thinking, responsible and considered mind is at work.

Which serves not least the elegant design of the J1. The Jakele J1 has an unmistakable recognition effect: you recognize the model and the attitude of those who hunt with it.

Behind the Jakele J1, with its deliberately non-removable magazine with quick discharge, is a person with a clear attitude and deeply hunting values.

Jakele J1 Repetierer

Jakele J1

Consciously cocked, automatically decocked and safe.
The revolutionized safety.

The trend-setting in weapons technology.

Not merely further developed, but completely rethought.

Jakele J1 - the bolt-action rifle that does not meet demands, but sets standards.

New opening hours from January 1, 2022
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Jakele J1 - The rifle of a woman
Perfected for hunting

Women are different from men. On average, they have a different arm angle than men, they have a lower center of gravity, they have a smaller muscle fiber cross-section and lower absolute strength, they are said to be more sensitive and more empathetic - according to the statistics. The most common consequence that engineers and developers of all countries draw from this: Shrink products, pink name, bow around it: done! And what exactly are women supposed to gain from this?

In the master workshop of the House of Jakele, the gunsmiths have designed a new hunting weapon, the J1.

With the J1, they have presented a revolutionary weapon. The J1 is lightweight, practically a featherweight of around 2.6 kilograms depending on the version. It is ergonomically optimized so that it literally fits in the arm and hand.

The compact design, the round-body receiver plus Bavarian Precision Mount for one-handed scope mounting guarantee leading elegance. Easy stock shortening down to 330 mm and quick stock changes simplify many hunting situations. The greatest and most important relief, however, is the new cocking lever on the triggerguard: the J1 is cocked easily and intuitively with the middle finger immediately before firing, with negligible effort.

And what do the female hunters get out of it?

Just as much as the hunters! When safety, manageability and design meet absolute requirements, body size is irrelevant. When a new solution revolutionizes an industry, it does not do so with muscle mass. In short, the J1 is a woman's ideal weapon. Not because it's dressed up for ladies, but because it's been perfected for hunting.

Jakele J1

Safety, easy handling, quality and design . . .
Today for generations.

To make hunting a relaxed, intuitive, value-filled experience.

Everything at a glance - the most important questions

A new weapon must be able to answer many questions:

  • What can it do?
  • How good?
  • Does it add value?
  • Also for me?

The J1 . . .

  • ... is suitable for beginners, made for experienced hunters and perfected for professional hunters. The dream image of a weapon has become a reality.

  • ... so that hunting accidents are just sad history in the future. Revolutionary safety for relaxed hunting.

  • ... because functionality and leadership are based on a value attitude. The three-shot philosophy unfolds an elegant design.

  • ... by executing breakthrough innovations in the highest quality materials and manufacturing. Quality that pays off for beauty that lasts.

Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse - modular

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