Jakele J1 - Repetierbüchse

The Jakele J1 in detail

J1 3D-Querschnitt
1 Jakele J1 Repetierer

Stock fixing screw

2 Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse

Transport safety

3 Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse

Bolt head catch

4 Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse


5 Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse

Magazine insert

Bolt handle

7 Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse

Seat for Jakele BPM mount

8 Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse


9 Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse

Muzzle thread M14x1

10 Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse

Sling swivels full ring

11 Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse

Foreend tip

12 Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse

J1 key

13 Jakele J1 Repetierer


14 Jakele J1 Repetierer

Fore-end lock

15 Jakele J1 Repetierer


16 Jakele J1 Repetierer

Rapid unload button

17 Jakele J1 Repetierer

Trigger switch

18 Jakele J1 Repetierer


19 Jakele J1 Repetierer

Cocking lever

20 Jakele J1 Repetierer


21 Jakele J1 Repetierbüchse

Sling swivels

1 Stock fixing screw
2 Transport safety
3 Bolt head catch
4 Bolt-Assembly
5 Magazine insert
6 Bolt handle
7 Seat for Jakele BPM mount

8 Barrel
9 Muzzle thread M14x1
10 Sling swivels full ring
11 Foreend tip
12 J1 key
13 Fore-end
14 Fore-end lock

15 Receiver
16 Rapid unload button
17 Trigger switch
18 Trigger
19 Cocking lever
20 Buttstock
21 Sling swivels

Jakele J1

Easy take down - assemble with ease

Special features of the J1

Revolutionärer Spannhebel J1

Revolutionary cocking lever - Jakele Relax system

In the Jakele Relax system, safety is thought through to the end. The J1 is only cocked by the innovative cocking lever immediately before firing. For cocking, the middle finger pulls back in an intuitive movement with minimal effort. When the hand loosens - for example after firing or for position correction - the cocking lever slides back to its original position. This automatically deckocks the rifle and makes it completely safe.

Round-Body J1

Compact, light and comfortable to handle

The design is compact but slim. An elegant appearance that convinces with modern ergonomics.
The perfect aesthetics are not only pleasing to the eye, but also make the J1 a lightweight, enormously maneuverable weapon weighing just approx. 2.6 and 2.7 kilograms respectively. And a round-body receiver - a real pleasure to hold.


Quick change of the stock

Change the stock in minutes. Depending on the hunting situation, change from wood to synthetic or vice versa in a few simple steps. The stock mounting screw is loosened or tightened with the help of the J1 key integrated in the fore-end. The tension-free fore-end mount, maximum temperature tolerance and three-dimensional locks also ensure that the point of impact remains stable when the stock is changed.

Abzugsumschaltung J1

Switchable fine trigger

The trigger itself is always important for an accurate shot. The fine trigger of the J1 impresses with its top characteristics: it is extremely dry and has no creep. The trigger pull is switchable between »hunting« and »match«. The J1 fine trigger is convincing in every position with minimal trigger travel (trigger stop) and is nevertheless completely safe before and after every shot due to the relaxed cocking lever.

Zielferrohrmontage J1

Bavarian Precision Mount

With the Bavarian Precision Mount (BPM), one-handed operation is easily possible when mounting and dismounting the scope (the holding hand on the rifle, the other hand remains on the glass) with no more conflicts with elevation turrets of the scopes. The mount locks via a control cam and features extreme strength (also suitable for heavy optical devices) without disturbing the shapely overall appearance of the J1.


Straight pull action

The shapely bolt handle with ball enables fast repeating in straight pull without significantly restricting the view of the receiver. The view of possible engravings is preserved, the overall picture remains coherent.

Jakele J1 Jagdwaffe - Vier-Warzen-Verriegelung

Self-centering four-lug locking mechanism

The high-precision, self-centering bolt head with four-locking lugs rotates 90° into the barrel and provides an enormously high locking surface for maximum safety and precision.


Highest quality, Bavarian Precision

Quality in detail determines the longevity and value retention of products from Jakele. Many ideas, many years of knowledge and experience and the very highest standards flow together in the development and are implemented with partners who meet the same standards in their field. All essential components are manufactured in Bavaria - this guarantees solid production, a consistently reliable weapon. You can trust that. Trust in Jakele quality.

Jakele J1

Traditional hunter attitude -
Respect for the game and nature

The focus is on respect for creation.
Both in terms of man and his safety, and the game.
The three-shot philosophy reflects the hunting, the "Waidwerken".


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