Jakele J1 - Repetierbüchse

Our royal class - the Jakele J1 Spirit

Jakele J1 Spirit
Jakele J1 Spirit
Jakele J1 Spirit

Perfect noblesse

We at Jakele believe that good things can be made better. And if it can no longer be improved, it can always be made even more beautiful. That's why we've given our J1 a variant that underscores the uniqueness of this rifle with its extraordinary look.

The Jakele J1 Spirit impresses with a fully engraved receiver, a fully engraved trigger guard - including its inner surface -­ ­­and in each case with a wooden stock of the absolute highest class. The Spirit exudes luxurious elegance. Arabesques and acanthus leaves not only rank razor-sharp in plane, but glide seamlessly over the edges of the engraved surfaces.

The ergonomic shape also provides a perfectly prepared "canvas" for the intricate decorations.

On the slender round body, every flower, every leaf, every Fibonacci spiral appears harmonious - as if it had not been engraved into the alloy, but had grown out of it.
A wealth of details, without disturbing the tranquility of the overall picture. Ornamentation that discreetly plays with traditional motifs and thus remains timeless.
Thanks to the latest technical possibilities, engraving is possible that delivers a highly precise result even in the finest details.

All this makes the J1 Spirit a picture of consummate nobility.

J1 Spirit and Spirit Game

Perfect noblesse

Thanks to the latest technical possibilities, engraving is possible that delivers a highly precise result even in the finest details.

J1 Spirit and Spirit Game

Four walls, a roof and a door - a house is finished. Versailles, Buckingham Palace, Neuschwanstein - strictly speaking houses and yet so much more: These "houses" are our (European) epitome of castle. Why? It can't be the sheer size, not the pomp. There are enough buildings that are bigger, more golden, more spectacular. Nevertheless, when we think of Neuschwanstein, we think of a castle, but not at all when we think of the Munich Olympic Center.

The secret lies in the landlords - or rather in the landlady.
It is the castle of a sun king and a fairy tale king, that of the queen of an empire.

They are residences where great philosophy and thoughtful personality come to the fore. They are buildings that do not copy fashions, but became style-setters themselves.
With the Spirit Game, you get the opportunity not only to own a J1, but to make it your own. Embedded in the existing ornamentation, an oval remains on the left and right for hand engraving. A coat of arms, a game motive, a symbol from your life story - there are (almost) no limits to the individual artistic implementation. A personalized engraving of the pistol grip cap is of course also included with the Spirit Game.
J1 Spirit Game means playing in the premier league with style.

Jakele J1 Spirit
Jakele J1 Spirit
Spirit Game

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